Public Domain Software

In general, the Numerical Recipes routines are NOT in the public domain, and are NOT available for use without a valid license. However, a few small parts of Numerical Recipes have been put into the public domain. These can be freely copied and redistributed:

Utility files for C++ [files in Appendix B]:

Utility files for C:
Utility files for Fortran 90:

Wavelet routines in Fortran:

Wavelet routines in C:

We frequently get requests for the test image that is used on page 597 (Fortran) or 604 (C) to illustrate wavelet transforms. That image is 256 by 256 by 8 bits grayscale, and is posted here in three common image formats. (Note: These are binary files that you must save to disk. Your WWW viewer may suggest naming the file with the extension ".exe". DON'T DO THIS. Instead, name it with an appropriate extention for your particular graphics viewer or program.)