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Old 09-13-2005, 10:50 AM
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Post FFT Sine Transform (sinft)


I want to use the sinft routine to perform a 3-D radial symetric fourier transformation. My problem is that I am a little bit confused about the prefactors I have to use with this routine. Normally I would use for the transform 4*PI/sqrt((2*PI)^3)*delta_r and for the inverse 4*PI/sqrt((2*PI)^3)*delta_q where delta_r the distance between the function values in real space and delta_q*delta_r = PI/number_function_values. Something goes wrong with it in comparison to a NAG routine doing the same (NAG is not so good in quality like NRC). I did not forget the 2/N normalisation factor.

My question is, someone else did it and what for prefactors are included in the routine or what I have to use?

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