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Old 01-06-2005, 05:50 AM
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Hallo everybody

I'm new in this forum.. I'm trying to use fft in more than one dimensions but I have some problems... Can someone help me?
This is my code to make a two dimension fft to a matrix of 4 rows and 4 colums, all elements equal 1. The result should be a matrix with all 0 except a 16. Isn't so? But I received something else... Where am I wrong?
int main(){
double *data;   
int i;   
unsigned long dim[2];    
data = (double *)malloc(2*N*N*sizeof(double));    
for (i=0; i<2*N*N; i++)  
 {     data[i]=1;     
     data[++i]=0;    }      
 fourn(data-1, dim-1, 2, 1);      
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