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Old 05-29-2008, 08:01 AM
vivekanand vivekanand is offline
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Jacobi Method Not working

I am trying to implement the Jacobi transformation from the NR but I am not getting the corerct results (as compared to MATLAB).

I have changed the code from one based to Zero based. I have implemented the code from this site

Please help me as this is very urgent.

Vivek Anand
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Old 05-29-2008, 09:37 AM
davekw7x davekw7x is offline
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Originally Posted by vivekanand View Post
...this is very urgent...
I respectfully suggest that you haven't given us enough information to help, even if we could somehow share your sense of urgency.

1. What language are you using? (C? C++? Fortran? What?)

2. What is the version of Numerical Recipes code that you are using?

3. What Numerical Recipes code, exactly, did you convert?

4. Why did you convert it? I mean, what was not satisfactory about the Numerical Recipes code?

All of the above is important to someone who would like to help, but the following is the absolutely critical missing link in your request. Without it, how could you reasonably expect anyone to offer any helpful information?

5. How did you test the code? (Show the test program. What, exactly, did you expect as output? What, exactly, did the program give as output. What, exactly, did Matlab give as output? Stuff like that.)



Or, are you saying that you took code from that web site (code that had been created, apparently, by transliterating the Numerical Recipes Fortran code into sort-of C code and given a cpp file name so that it could pretend to be C++ and linking it with some functions furnished for dynamic storage allocation totally different from the way that Numerical Recipes code does it, etc., etc.) and converted that code to something else? And you would like help from someone on the Numerical Recipes Forum? I don't mean to be rude, but what kind of help would you like? Exactly?

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