Now, in C++ at last, a new version of
Numerical Recipes (Second Edition)

Joining Numerical Recipes in C and Numerical Recipes in Fortran as a new member of the Numerical Recipes family, please welcome Numerical Recipes in C++!

Just published by Cambridge University Press, this new hardcover full version, Numerical Recipes in C++ (ISBN 0-521-75033-4), includes nearly 1000 pages of much praised explanatory text, now oriented around more than 350 recipes in the C++ language.

The following links are to sample pages, in Adobe PDF format, from Numerical Recipes in C++.
(These files are Copyright (C) 2002 by Cambridge University Press, except for Appendix B, which is placed into the public domain.)

All the new C++ source code, as well as the previous C source code upgraded to new version 2.10, is included in the downloadable C++/C software products available now from the Numerical Recipes On-Line Software Store.

Coordinated with this new version, and also just published by Cambridge University Press are

the new "Numerical Recipes Example Book in C++" (ISBN 0-521-75034-2)

the "Numerical Recipes in C++ and C Source Code CDROM with Windows or Macintosh Single Screen License" (ISBN 0-521-75037-7), which replaces the previous C Source Code diskette

the "Numerical Recipes Multi-Language Code CDROM with Windows or Macintosh Single Screen License" (ISBN 0-521-75035-0), which includes source code in C++, C, Fortran 77, Fortran 90, BASIC, Pascal, Modula 2, Lisp, and more

...and the "Numerical Recipes Multi-Language Code CDROM with Linux or UNIX Single Screen License" (ISBN 0-521-75036-9), similar to the above

Key to the usability of this new version are a wealth of tricks and tips for scientific computing in C++. The book and software include a simple vector and matrix class library for stand-alone use. In addition, all the routines are written in such a way that the user can use them, unmodified, with almost any other vector/matrix class library in common use -- or any specialized class library that the user may want to develop. An Appendix gives worked examples, with explicit interface code for the Template Numerical Toolkit (TNT) and for the Matrix Template Library (MTL).

Here are some additional highlights of new material specific to C++:

Users of the classic Numerical Recipes in C have not been forgotten. The hardcover C book is being reprinted in a corrected version 2.10, and the updated C code will continue to be maintained and improved as a separate source code collection included in the C++ and multi-language CDROMs, and also in the downloadable C++ software products available from the Numerical Recipes On-Line Software Store. Alternatively, since the underlying algorithms in the C++ version are generally identical to the C version, C users should also find it easy to transition to the C++ version at any time.

If you've been waiting for Numerical Recipes in C++

... thanks for your patience! Now that the waiting is over, you might want to

A bit of fine print...

1. Numerical Recipes Software will continue to offer free upgrades to the current version, for any Second Edition Numerical Recipes source code product. In this regard, however, the C++ language version is a new product, not an upgrade of the C version; so it is not available for free to C code users.

2. Due to copyright restrictions, the text page images of Numerical Recipes in C++ are not available on the free Books On-Line resource.