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What is Numerical Recipes Code?

Numerical Recipes™ Code is the C++ computer code from the Numerical Recipes book in machine readable form, ready to be included in a user's own programs. Code products come with a license for such use, and are sold to individuals separately from Numerical Recipes (the book) or Numerical Recipes Electronic (see right). The book and electronic book do include code listings and detailed descriptions, but they don't include the code in machine-readable form, or any license for its use. There are three ways to get the code:

1. You can buy the code as an immediate electronic download here. The download is delivered as a single zip file suitable for you to unzip and use on all operating systems (Windows, Linux, and Macintosh).

2. Or, you can buy the Numerical Recipes All Languages Code Download, or the similar Source Code CD-ROM (ISBN 0521706858). These products include the code along with many extras (see right). Order the immediate download here, or the CD-ROM from here, or from Cambridge University Press here.

3. Or, your work group, company, or university can purchase an institutional subscription. Institutional subscriptions include both Numerical Recipes Electronic (the book) and Numerical Recipes Code. Information is here.

How Does the License Work?

The individual download product and the CD-ROM product include a non-expiring Numerical Recipes Personal Single-User License that allows one individual to use the code on any number of computers.

Institutional subscriptions allow unlimited use of both Numerical Recipes Electronic (the book) and Numerical Recipes Code by any number of individuals on computers within a fixed IP address range during the term of the subscription.

See complete license terms here and more information on licenses here.

Related Products

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Hardcover book, 1248 pp., published by Cambridge University Press. You'll need it (or Numerical Recipes Electronic, below) to understand the code.
Complete book pages, plus extra new sections, are available electronically by annual subscription.

What Else Is in the C++ Download?

In addition to all of the C++ code from the Third Edition, the download product includes the C and C++ code from the Second Edition, for legacy code users.

What Else Is in the All Languages Versions?

In addition to all of the C++ code from the Third Edition, the All Languages Download and the CD-ROM each include all previous Numerical Recipes code releases in all previously available languages. These include the Second Edition's C++, C, Fortran 77, and Fortran 90 final versions, and the First Edition's Pascal, BASIC, Modula-2, and Lisp versions. Both also include, as a nostalgic "museum", the historically important NUMAL code library in Algol-60. The CD-ROM also has some additional historical code libraries (some under copyright and included by special permission of the owners), including SLATEC in Fortran, Baker's C Tools, and Lau's Library in C.

Why Is the Code a Separate Product?

Pricing the book and code separately allows more competitive pricing of each in its respective market and allows the purchase of book copies and code licenses in quantities that may be different.